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Hi and welcome to the newsletter of “emerging” (the professional term for “baby”) indie author Alyssa Sherlock.

about Alyssa

Alyssa Sherlock is the author of the illustrated memoir this is a love story: poems and essays on friendship, love, and mental health (2023). Alyssa regularly writes on the themes of mental health, family, and friendship in her fiction and creative non-fiction. In 2022, she was shortlisted for the CNFC/Humber Literary Review Creative Non-Fiction Contest. She regularly interviews other writers and storytellers about their work through her newsletter, love letters to storytellers. She lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Treaty 1 territory).  You can find out more about her at

what to expect

love letters to storytellers is a monthly newsletter and will land in your inbox the first Sunday of every month. There are three main alternating threads for this newsletter:

> love letters to storytellers - These are interviews with indie or local writers, leaning into their journey of storytelling through the process of their writing or publication. I like featuring authors that are up-and-coming and don’t have a huge audience yet, because you can’t survive a creative career without community… and maybe I just use interviewing other indie authors an excuse to make friends. :)

> writing reflections - In my writing life I try to prioritize self-care, so I talk a lot about that and other struggles of pursuing a creative career, like balancing creative career aspirations with a day job, imposter syndrome, and more. I find these are the posts that connect the most with others and remind me and others that we’re really not alone in this. But, writing being a solitary activity, it’s easy to forget so constant reminders are helpful.

> self publishing bts (behind-the-scenes) I self-published my first book, this is a love story: poems and essays in friendship, love, and mental health in spring 2023 and learned a lot along the way. People a) love asking me questions about the process and b) usually have no idea how the process works. I like providing that background insight into self-publishing, because it really is fascinating! (A reader once: So, how does self-publishing work? Like, you just…apply, or?).

A couple more things…

>Updates on whatever writing I’m working on or any publications I’ve had recently, if that’s your thing. This is the place to hear any of my writing news first.

> And… last but not least, upon sign-up you receive a free, exclusive download of a meditation for creatives (written and audio), to calm your worries when you are stuck or discouraged in your creative pursuits.

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